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Company Profile

Subzero Lighting Ltd was incorporated in 2009. We believe that all the best ideas are driven by the customer, and with our background and experience in design, prototyping, manufacturing and installation of lighting systems ranging from fibre optics to LEDs and more, we can respond to a range of requests.

In particular we aim to solve the many inherent lighting issues caused by conventional lighting solutions within the Cold Storage, Chill Area and Food Production Facilities industries. The founders of Subzero Lighting were made acutely aware, through industry contacts and their own research, of the urgent need for these energy-intensive industries  to reduce their Carbon Footprint and, at a more practical level, their energy bills. Many months on R&D and prototype development have resulted in us settling on a solution for our clients that we believe offers exceptional quality and efficiency.

Subzero Lighting Ltd's CEO has 26 years experience in the design, manufacture and marketing of pioneering lighting solutions at the cutting edge of new technologies.

Subzero Lighting Ltd`s management also includes a director with a background in finance. This will greatly assist Subzero Lighting in designing financial solutions for individual clients according to their requirements.

One of our key partners has several decades of managing electrical installation teams in the Cold Storage industry, and their expertise is invaluable in ensuring the best installation solution for our customers.



Subzero Lighting Limited

Registered Office: 49 Sandy Lodge way, Northwood, Middlesex HA6 2AR, UK

Registered in England Company Number 07017416 VAT Registered 979470754