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Energy Savings Maintenance Saving Financial Model Tax Financing

Subzero Lighting's SZL230-340 products can be expected to deliver very significant cost savings:

Energy Savings  

·         Reduction of number of light fittings by up to 45%

·         Reduced running costs by up to 80%

·         Reduced running cost of refrigeration to remove the heat generated by the lighting by up to 98%

Maintenance Savings

·         Reduced lamp replacements of up to 50%

·         Labour Costs for Lamp Changes reduced by 80%

Tax Incentives

·         Installations of under £50,000 may qualify for Annual Investment Allowance

·         SZL’s products may be applicable for Enhanced Capital Allowances 

Financing Options

·         Equipment and installation may be fully covered by a Carbon Trust interest-free loan

·         Lease financing may also be available 

What do the advantages mean in financial terms?


Replacing a typical existing installation of 100 x 250W metal halide or SON light fittings working 24/7 in a cold storage mobile racking facility with the SZL230/340 lighting system   

  • The savings equate to a £24,323 per year

  • The payback period is 1.8 years

  • Tax incentives may further reduce the payback period

Please look at our financial model to see what a typical installation with 100 conventional fittings generates in savings.



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