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Subzero Lighting Systems

The SZL230-340 is a patent pending lighting system designed for operating temperatures down to -40C

The SZL lighting system comprised of two core components:

  1. Lightsource (located in the roof void)

  2. Light transmission conduit (LTC)

The SZL - Lightsources

  • There are two lightsource options

  • A 230W version delivering 18,876 lumens and a 340W version delivering 29,484 lumens

  • Designed to efficiently transmit the light into the LTC

  • Lamp has a 20,000 hour lamp life, generating 120 lumens per watt

  • Lamp warm up time of under 60 seconds.

  • A colour temperature of either 3000K or 4200K, with a colour rendering index of Ra 90


  • Designed to deliver maximum light (internal reflectivity of greater than 98.5%) with minimum thermal transfer,  either by conduction, convection and very little radiation in either direction of the LTC

  • Hermetically sealed into the insulation substrate between the illuminated space and the roof void, thus allowing the light to enter the cold storage space with minimum temperature transfer

  • The LTC protrudes only 6mm into the illuminated space and is manufactured from polycarbonate and stainless steel

  • The unique way of delivering the light into a space, with the SZL light-source mounted within the roof void, means our lighting systems are extremely hygienic


Above are various views through the LTC, showing the extremely high level of internal reflectivity along with the high efficiency or the anti reflective coatings on both input and output windows.


Subzero Lighting Limited

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