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Subzero Lighting Limited have developed a patent pending highly efficient lighting system specifically for

  • Cold Storage Areas
  • Chill Areas
  • Food Production Facilities

The advantages of upgrading existing lighting fittings for one of Subzero Lighting's specially developed lighting systems will lead to dramatic and quantifiable efficiency savings, achieved through:


  • 45% reduction in the Number of Light Fittings required for Aisle Lighting
  • 70% reduction in the Number of Light Fittings required for Space Lighting
  • 80% reduction in Electricity Lighting Costs
  • 98% reduction in the additional refrigeration load caused by heat generated by existing lighting
  • 50% reduction in Lamp Replacements
  • 80% reduction in Labour Costs for Lamp Changes

Performance Examples


Fig 1./Below (left) is an example of a typical cold storage aisle, 13m high.

The two rear existing fittings (250W SON) have been replaced by the SZL230 lighting system (the two white lights at the back of the photo) demonstrating the contrast between these two types of lighting.

Please note the increased light level and visual clarity at floor level achieved by the SZL lighting system.

Fig 2./ Below (right) is an other example of a typical cold storage aisle, 7.0m high.

Two of the existing fittings (existing fittings were 250w metal halides) were replaced by the SZL230 lighting system (towards the front and back of the photo, slightly off set from existing fittings, note the luminance at floor level)  Clearly demonstrating again the increased CRI and light levels and therefore the efficiency of the SZL230 lighting system.

Please note that various lensing options are available, up to a 120 degree beam spread, none were used in this instance



Figure 1 (13.0m eiling height)

Figure 2 (7.0m ceiling height)



Subzero Lighting Limited

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